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Nov 23, 2017
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8th June 2016 [return]
Weekly Report

The weather this week has been brilliant sunshine which has seen the fish go deeper as the week progressed. We started the week with many fish being caught on dry flies along with buzzers and lures near the top of the water. Fish were rising during the evening sessions in the beginning of the week despite the bright sunshine and the fishing for most was pretty good. Top rods for the beginning of the week were Chris Beveridge with 8 and Tommy Turnbull with seven fish caught between a mixture of dry flies and buzzers.
As the week went on however we saw a complete shift to fishing deeper as the week went on apart from Liam Dyet who caught 9 fish and dropped four using the washing line tactic with a dry on the end and two buzzers just below the surface. There were fish still being caught just below the surface but the better way to get the fish was deeper and sometimes on the bottom. Stevie McGowan worked this out and at times had a 14 foot dropper on to find the fish.
For those who went looking for the fish this proved to be very fruitfull, Jocky Weir had 11 fish on a black rabbit and hot head damsel and I thought this would be top rod for the day but Cameron Brown ended the day on 14 using black rabbit as Cameron had a few right at the close of play as the fish started to rise for the amazing hatches that was happening on top of the water on the Sunday evening. We saw decent fishing on the Sunday despite the weather being really warm first thing in the morning Neil Young, Tam Begbie, H Moore all catching a good number of fish in the early morning but others had to play the waiting game before catching like Kyle Burns and first time angler to Bangour, D Wilkie who had to try many tactics before,starting to catch fish.
Still Spaces left for the competition on the 3rd July, just send a message if you want to put your name down.

Posted on 08 June, 2016



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