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Nov 23, 2017
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30th May 2016 [return]
Weekly Report

We have had a lot of good fishing for most parts of the week and the best tactics for this week have been black emerger, black and red buzzers, yellow dancers, rob roy, and shipman buzzers with the odd dry fly. Plenty of fish rising all day every day but with so much fly life on the water there is a lot of feeding for the fish to choose from.
Top rods from during the week were Colin Stewart who had 9 fish and one was just over 9 pounds, Alec Young also had 9 fish all caught on black buzzers. Liam Dyet caught eight fish again all on buzzers some 8 feet down and some just below the surface.
We we had two clubs here on the Saturday, the Roslyn Legion angling club and Centre 1 angling club. Fishing for both clubs started really well and we had Fraser Mconnel bag his three fish just before 9.30am from Centre 1 and quickly followed by Kenneth Knox with 4 fish bag from the Roslyn club. The four fish landed by Kenneth were to be the biggest catch of the day weighing in at 13.8lb and included a good looking tiger:-) I think it would have been closer though if Andrew Hamlyn had turned up on time as he's missed the first 1.5 hours of the best part of the day And had to rely on catching in the harder part of the day.
Fishing was best in the morning as it did get a lot harder in the afternoon with bright sunshine which did not stop the fish rising but did make them harder for people to catch them. Derek McNally came up for four hours catch and release and managed to catch a nice 13lb rainbow, good call to do catch and release Derek as it went back safe and sound. Fishing for both the clubs was slow and steady with Many different tactics being worked but by far the best tactic seemed to be the buzzers.
Sunday Morning started exactly like Saturday morning with fish being caught very early on with John Steel weighing in his two fish after just four casts :-), John went on to be the top rod for the day with 9 fish in the four hours he was here. Second top rod today was Colin Stewart who managed six fish on yellow owls at the end of the night as the sun went down. Best looking fish of the week however went to Derek King who caught a really stunning tiger at over 3lb in weight. This is the first Tiger Derek has ever caught in his many years of fishing, well done for landing it and hope you get some more.
Just a note also to say that the fishery is now open to 10pm Sunday to Friday and 9-5pm Saturday.

Posted on 30 May, 2016



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